Jr. Solar Sprint Building Tips

The JSS-KIT and JSS-ACC can be purchased at: http://www.solarmade.com/JuniorSprint.htm

This is dimensions for an adjustable motor mount that will allow the use of all nine gear ratios included with the Solar World Kit:

Description: JSSmount20.jpg

Below are photos of the initial assembly of the motor mount in a balsa wood frame.

Description: DSCF0002.JPG

Top of Frame

Description: DSCF0001.JPG

Bottom of Frame

Note that the axle tube holes were pre-drilled with all four 1.06" x .25" balsa frame beams taped together so that axles would be parallel. Front and rear plywood bumpers are also .12" plywood and placed in line with axles to facilitate attachment of guide rings.


Below is the same frame after trimming, shaping, some weight reduction and the addition of a .06" thick balsa gusset at the front axle.

Description: ShapedChassis.jpg

Here is a simple way to make guide hooks from large paper clips:

Description: GuideHooks.jpg

Materials: two large paper clips

Tools: screwdriver, pliers, wire cutter

Fabrication: Straighten paper clip wrap tightly around screwdriver bit holder, clip two full wraps, bend 90 degrees, one wrap per side.

Method of attachment: Epoxy

Placement: ~1.5-2mm ground clearance

Download Video on how to make one here.

Here you see the rear axle tube after it has been sectioned for the gear:

Description: RearAxleAssy.jpg

Tube is 5/32 x .014 wall Alum Tube with 12 AWG Teflon Tube Gorilla glued inside.

Epoxy securing the axle tubes and guide ring is PC-7.

Description: TeflonSkins12.jpg

Teflon Front Skins

Gear Ratios and Weights

PV panel power output tests

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